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Study Goal:

Quality, Affordable Childcare in Wilkes County, NC.

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The study will provide documentation of existing services and resources, then recommend steps to create an innovative childcare ecosystem in Wilkes County, NC to enhance the labor force participation and create a healthy environment for families. The study will also identify the roles that community stakeholders must play in order to expand access and affordability for quality care.

A Childcare Taskforce has been appointed to conduct the study. The taskforce is made up of individuals and organizations whose combined experience was determined to be the most qualified to conduct this study. They welcome the opportunity to listen, observe, seek best practices, and encourage positive outcomes that will strengthen the community.

The study is estimated to take a period of approximately 10 months to complete. Wilkes Childcare Study Taskforce encourages community participation in this process and its results.

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Taskforce Members

Cyndi Dancy
Dancy Research
Michelle Shepherd
Wilkes Community Partnership for Children
Kirstin Roberts
The Health Foundation
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Projected Study Timeline

The study will run in three phases. The first will be the Discovery Phase, where the team will define the scope of their work, research the current state of childcare in Wilkes County and compile those findings. The Discovery Phase will include identifying all existing licensed public, and private or in-home care facilities for two different age ranges, Birth to Age 5 and Age 5 to 11 years old. That data will be compared to the current population of Wilkes County and evaluated for its effects on labor market trends. During the Discovery Phase, questionnaires will be distributed throughout the community to gather information and identify needs. Participating in these questionnaires and Community Meetings will be critical for Parents, Business Owners, Resource Partners, Local Government Members and Residents. In the second Analysis Phase, both strengths and gaps will be identified in order to evaluate trends and quantify the cost and lost opportunities due to gaps in the existing childcare system. The final phase will provide recommendation for moving forward, producing abroad strategy and action steps that can be taken. The study is estimated to take a period of approximately 10 months to complete.

  • Discovery
    Phase 1
  • Analysis
    Phase 2
  • Recommendations
    Phase 3
Beginning: Discovery
End: Recommendations for Moving Forward
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