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It's time again for the Wilkes EDC Entrepreneurial Grant Program which provides funds to Existing Businesses for Expansion, and those who plan on Starting a Business in Wilkes County. See below to  learn about the requirements for applying.
Sponsorships are available at various levels.
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Program Overview

The 2021 Wilkes EDC Entrepreneurial Grant Program is now accepting applications . It provides funds to Existing Businesses for Expansion, and those who plan on Starting a Business in Wilkes County. Applicants are asked to submit a business plan that describes how the grant funds will be used to grow or start their business as well as a 3-5 minute business pitch video of their request. Selected Participants will give a full presentation to a panel of judges.  Award winners will have one year to draw down grant funds allocated to their project.

The Wilkes Community College Small Business Center is available to all applicants for assistance with their business plans. The Wilkes EDC's Marketing & Content Manage can provide help with videos. 

Complete you Application as soon as possible to be enrolled in the Program. Next you will be provided with a Business Plan Template to complete, and information on recording a Video Pitch detailing how you would use the grant money. Business Plans and Videos are due to the EDC by April 19th. If selected for the next round, you will present to a panel of judges on May 17th.

Please understand that any business that submitted an application whether approved or not, cannot be guaranteed any grant proceeds or other benefits from this project. The EDC is not endorsing any applicant by way of this project and thus no such claim should be made. 


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Business Plan

For a New Business, a good business plan guides you through each stage of starting and managing your business. You’ll use your business plan as a roadmap for how to structure, run, and grow your new business. For an Existing Business, this plan is a way to express a new project or product your company has envisioned. It’s a way to think through the key elements of your business.  SBA Resources.

 Your business plan is one of the tools you’ll use to show our panel of judges that investing in your company is a smart choice for Wilkes County, NC.

The Wilkes Community College Small Business Center is available to provide assistance with composing Business Plans for each applicant.

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Business Pitch Video

A business pitch is one of the simplest yet most powerful marketing tools for a small business owner. It is an effective way to pitch a new business, product or professional solution. A successful pitch is engaging and backed by a well organized business plan. What solution does your plan provide? Are you developing a new product? How will this positively impact Wilkes County? For the purpose of this grant, your goal is to make your video short and to the point in order to entice the panel of judges to want to know more about your business plan. Your video can be simple, record it yourself with your smartphone! We are not looking at the quality of your video: what is important is the content. More Resources

Address the Following Points in 3-5 min:

  1. Who You Are & Where Your Business is Located
  2. Existing Businesses: How Long You've Been Open
  3. Your Business Idea/Solution/Product
  4. How You Would Use the Grant Funds
  5. What Solution it Provides to Wilkes County

The Wilkes EDC Marketing & Content Manager is available to answer any technical questions you may have regarding your video submission. Click here to send an email.

Sponsorship Information

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  1. Fill in "Investment Amount" with the Dollar Amount You Intend to Donate
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  4. Under "Fund Designation", Select "RESTRICTED: Entrepreneurial Grant Program"
  5. Select the Acknowledgement 
  6. Type Signature & Submit

For any other questions, please contact our office by phone (336) 838-1501

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